My name is Koroush Parsi.
Through out my professional work as a film maker and director, I have transferred many of my own personal ideas based on human endeavor for excellence, and the natural thinking of man.
I began with writing my ideas down as they came to me, then brought them in front of camera and made many movies and short films.
This phenomena took place in many countries which I lived or traveled. Therefore it is my pleasure to be able to teach you all I know.
Do you have interest in film making, music videos , documentaries, commercials , or anything related to acting or video making ? then you are in a right place , I will help you to transfer your ideas and dreams into action.
At the end of your course I will provide for you all the equipment including cameras, sound system, editing machines and lighting and anything else you need to make your first quality video that you will be proud of .
I would love to help, so give me a call.